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The Ugly Black Woman


There has been a constant struggle within the black race, and it continues to rear its ugly head to this day. What is that struggle, you might ask? The fight between black women: specifically the colorism seen between light-skinned and dark-skinned black women.

Women should ultimately embrace one another, rather than compete based on their complexion. The belief that being lighter is right, only feeds into “black” being synonymous with the lesser when it is really not the case. Both light and dark-skinned women should stop embracing the struggles of their ancestors, and instead face colorism in a united front. That way, the complexion of their skin will be one less thing to hold against them as they fight for their equal rights.

In the early 21st century, a majority of light-skinned faces were seen in films. Dorothy Dandridge, Rude Dee, Diana Ross, and Lena Horne were only a few…

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Communication is KEY

Much truth. Definitely something for everyone to keep in mind!


We live in a world where everyday, men are becoming more and more intelligent. Not book smarts, but they’re starting to play “the game” better. Ladies: this article’s for you.

Have you ever been with a man and it seemed as though you guys were in a relationship, except the only thing you were missing was the “title”? And we all know what that means: title as in girlfriend, or as in significant other, et cetera.

And even though you didn’t have this title, you guys still seemed to do absolutely everything together: going on dates, spending tons of time with one another, meeting each other’s friends, even family. But most of all, ladies, you’re giving yourself to him, having sex with him. All the while, in the back of your mind, you’re feeling as though “Yes, what you guys have may seem perfect.” But you still feel like you’re losing…

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A Touching Story

A Plea To The Lord 

Rosemary Ammar  

I woke up on Monday and looked up at the sky
With a pain in my heart and tears in my eyes
I said “Lord, please help me, I don’t know what to do.
I lost my job, I need some help, I have no one but you.”

The Lord looked down upon me with sadness in his eyes.
“The world is in a sorry state and I apologize.
For all the pain it’s caused you, there’s just one thing I’ll say:
“It’s okay to cry my child, but don’t forget to pray.”

I woke up on Tuesday and looked up at the sky
With a pain in my heart and tears in my eyes
I said “Lord please help me, I don’t know what to do.
The food is scarce, the kids are sick, I have no one but you.

The week dragged by thru Saturday and things seemed worse each day.
I remembered what the Lord said: “It’s okay to cry, but pray”
So I cried and prayed, I cried and prayed, with no relief in sight.
And I went to bed exhausted but couldn’t sleep that night.

I woke up on Sunday and looked up at the sky
With pain in my heart and tears in my eyes
I said “Lord I’ve had enough and I’m about to break
I think I might just end it all, for everybody’s sake.”

“I’ve not deserted you my child, I’ve counted every tear
Your burdens, although heavy, are not more than you can bear
Soon the sun will warm your face and make you smile again
So rest a little easier and trust in me till then.”

Then the Lord reached down and held me in his arms
With a gentle hand he wiped my tears and spoke these words so calm
“My child I love you dearly and have heard you pray your best
But there is no crying on Sunday, it is the day of rest.

I’ve heard you cry, I’ve heard you pray and I will not desert you
Your faith in Me will get you through these tragedies that hurt you.
So rest today and worry not and leave the rest to me
If you do that, I can promise you, the best is yet to be.”

A Bad Breakup [Story]

It is 2:00 a.m., and I’m still awake. I have no idea why, but whenever I try to enter that tranquil zone where sleep occurs, I feel like I need to remain in reality and be prepared for something…


Ben got up from his couch once more. He heard the ringtone of his phone and saw that it was his best friend, Jackson. He answered without hesitation, wondering if this was the sign he was looking for.

“Hello,” Ben said groggily, still half asleep from his last attempt at falling asleep.

“Ben! Ben I really need you to open the door,” Jackson said, out of breath and sounding upset. “I’m outside your house—“

“You’re what?!” he yells into his phone, trying not to wake anyone up. His family were heavy sleepers, but he didn’t want to tempt fate. “I’ll be there in a sec.”

Ben walked to the door, trying to mentally determine if his appearance was appropriate for guests. He’s wearing a white v-neck t-shirt and very loose silk black pants, none of which were dirty or smelly. He shrugged, content with his appearance, and opened the door.

“Ben! I really need you right now,” Jackson says as he rushes up to him and hugs him close, tears starting to fall rapidly from his face.

Ben held him close and took in his appearance. Jackson is wearing a ripped gray v-neck, showing more of his chest than the “v” cut into the fabric, and a pair of blue gym shorts. His face is pale, and his eyes red and puffy, as if he’s been crying the entire time he’s been walking over here. The friends live very close to one another, and it isn’t much of a hassle to get from one’s house to the other.

“What happened honey?” Ben asks as he holds Jackson close, letting him regain his composure a bit before taking him inside. “Did someone die?”

“No! You were right,” Jackson said, pausing and taking a deep breath before saying “Tevin broke up with me. He told me the truth about everything: it was all a lie!”

Tevin was what appeared to be, in many ways, the dream guy: a singer and model, smart, charming, friendly, and someone with a nice physique to boot. He also had the negative aspects that are hidden by some models and singers, the arrogance and cockiness. The belief that anyone could and would do everything to keep him happy and he could act like a total douche to them without them leaving him. Unfortunately, Jackson was swept off his feet by Tevin’s woos, and had now fallen out of the reverie.

Ben groans and goes up to hold Jackson again as the tears began to fall once more. He holds him and rubs his back; trying to comfort him more as he remembers the first time he began to doubt the faithfulness of Tevin.



It was another night like this, where Jackson was coming to Ben’s house very late. It was the middle of March, the night was brisk but not too cold after a long winter, and the young best friend was in a panic with his phone out. Jackson waved it frantically in Ben’s face as Ben opened the door and led him into his bedroom.

“Ben! Tevin’s in trouble!!” Jackson cried as he entered the room and fell on the queen sized bed, grabbing a pillow and squeezing the life out of it.

“What kind of trouble?” Ben asked, appearing worried and confused about his friend’s reaction. “Anything we can fix here, ten states away from him?”

Jackson looked at him totally confused, before realizing he had never told him what happened. He gave Ben his phone and said, “Look at the texts he sent me. That’ll tell you enough.”

Ben did as he said, and began to read. Tevin was telling Jackson about his night, hanging out with a friend named Charles and how Charles used to like Tevin a lot. Jackson asked him if he thought Charles might make a move, and Tevin said he wasn’t sure if he would or how he should react if Charles did, because Charles was a really attractive guy too. Ben recognized the name from looking at a post from Tevin on Facebook, but didn’t think it would matter.

“So Tevin is telling you how he’s going to cheat with Charles?” Ben asked, still confused as to why Jackson was so upset. “I still don’t understand how you can be with this guy and you’re ten states away, trying to say you’ll marry him and shit…”

Jackson sighed, aggravated, and screamed “Keep going! It’ll make sense, I promise.”

Ben shrugged and mumbled under his breath, disbelieving, and then continued to read the texts. As Tevin’s night with Charles continued, Charles did make a move, and then began to act strangely. He locked all of the doors and told Tevin he wasn’t allowed to leave unless he broke up with Jackson and got with him instead. If he didn’t leave Jackson, then he would force himself onto Tevin and make him realize the error of his ways.

Ben looked over at Jackson, eyes wide and shocked, and Jackson started moaning a little. “Keep going, there’s more…” Jackson said as he sniffled and began pacing around the bed.

Ben read some more, and Tevin was telling Jackson how he was trying to run through different rooms and find something to defend himself with against Charles, because he refused to leave Jackson and especially not for someone who would threaten him like Charles. He sent one final text, saying ‘He’s getting closer baby, I’m scared…’ before not texting back to Jackson anymore.

Ben sighed, trying to find the story believable yet also saw how Jackson was reacting. Jackson was pacing the room, panic and nervousness emanating off of him as he began sobbing once more. Ben looked in Jackson’s list of recent calls and saw that he had called Tevin various times, along with calling Charles and texting Charles threatening to hurt him if he hurt Tevin.

“Baby boy you have to relax,” Ben finally said to Jackson as he put his hands on his shoulders, stopping him from pacing and making them look into each other’s eyes. “Tevin’s going to be fine. He’s probably making this up to get a run out of you, anyway. You know he’s done this before.”

Jackson shook his head, still trying to relax. “I know he’s said stuff before, but it never seemed believable. I always know he would come back to me if he had to choose—“

“But you don’t know!” Ben said, still looking Jackson in the eyes. “He’s ten states away, Jackson! He could be cheating on you with Charles, and actually dating Charles, and you would never know.”

He saw Jackson looking shocked and beginning to panic more, and quickly said, “You think he’s faithful to you because he texts you that and calls you talking all sweet and stuff. But has he ever said he wants to see you, or come visit you, or meet your family? Not that you’ve told me, and you tell me everything he says.”

Jackson looked at Ben in disbelief, although he knew everything Ben said was right. He didn’t want to believe it, not with a possible situation like Charles raping Tevin looming over his head. “We need to find out if my man is okay! He could be injured, or being raped, or something right now and we are doing nothing!”

Jackson took his phone back and tried to call Tevin again, to no avail. He then took Ben’s phone and did the same, with no luck. He sat down on the bed once more, appearing helpless, when he got a new text from Tevin.

“Yes!” Jackson said as he and Ben read it. “He’s safe! He got to a police station and away from Charles before he could do anything to him. I’m so glad my baby’s okay.”

Ben sighed and took Jackson’s phone, re-reading the entire conversation. “This all sounds familiar, Jackson. The whole situation Tevin’s in and everything, it’s almost like it’s from a movie.”

“Ben! You always think he’s being fake and unfaithful. But I’ll prove Tevin’s a good guy one day, I promise!” Jackson said, a huge smile taking over his face once more as he fell asleep on Ben’s bed.

Ben went next to Jackson and held his friend in his arms, comforting Jackson as they both finally fell asleep, thinking to himself I just hope Tevin does prove himself to you…



“How did you find out, honey?” Ben asked as he led Jackson to the sofa, sitting on his left side.

“I talked to Charles and confronted him and his ex, Gregory,” Jackson said, eyes filled with shock. “Charles told me that Tevin tried to come on to him, and that he told him he didn’t care about me at all, that I was just a sweet guy with everything to lose. Gregory told me that Tevin was also dating him around the same time we started dating, and just recently went on a break while Tevin tried to decide who he wanted. Then Gregory put me on three-way with Tevin and let me listen to their conversation.”

Jackson paused, hesitating as Ben moved in closer, seeing Jackson accepting more and more that the breakup was truly happening. A tear rolled down his face.  Jackson said, “Tevin told Gregory he loved him and never truly loved me. Well, not as more than a friend or acquaintance.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” Ben said in a consoling voice as he went and hugged Jackson, who sobbed softly into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry. I really am. I wish there was something I could have done to help prevent this for you. I know this pain is horrible.”

“It is! And I can’t believe I let myself get duped for so long. I can’t believe I said I would marry him! He’s as fake as the rest of these queens!” Jackson said as he got closer to Ben, hugging him tightly.

“And he’ll get his fate one day,” Ben whispered into Jackson’s ear. “Karma always bites those who do bad things, and praises those who do well. You’ll find the man of your dreams soon enough Jackson.”

“You’re right, like always,” Jackson said, looking up at Ben and kissing him on the cheek. “Thank you for everything that you do to help me. You’re always here when nobody else is Ben.”

Ben blushed as he said, “You just have to remember something: to just breathe. Let the pain and the tears go away, and just breathe them out. Then you’ll have nothing but positives to live off of.”

Jackson nodded, knowing his friend was right. “Wow! It’s pretty late. We need to head to bed.”

He moved towards Ben’s bedroom, asking, “Mind if I crash with you tonight?”

Ben smiled, leading the way into his bedroom. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The two friends cuddled up together, Ben covering Jackson with his arms as he tried to comfort his friend some more. Tears continued to fall from Jackson’s face, and Ben wiped them away as the two fell asleep together.


It’s Just a Game (Story)

Hey everyone! So this is one of the first stories I had ever written, and am hoping to write more like this in the future. Any comments or criticisms would be appreciated! 🙂



It’s Just a Game

            The soldiers in the front of this bloody battlefield could only cringe as they looked around them.  Remains of the various soldiers, both elven and human, were scattered from the many explosions that rocked the land.  This land, Everard, was only a ruin compared to what it used to be; a human city created over one thousand years ago; council center for trade in the Human Empire between other races, primarily the Elven Forest Kingdom.  Since the war started, the city became a prime battlefront and critical location for either army.  Now, the soldiers had to be wary of any other approaching enemies, for this battle was far from over.

The human army, the defenders in this battle, walked warily around the forest surrounding Everard.  Elves lived in the forest around the once humble community.  As the city grew and industry advanced, the community turned into a full-fledged city; because of this, the elven territory was taken from their rightful owners and transformed into the buildings of Everard.  Elves attempted to make a stand against the humans’ industry through petitions to the Emperor of the Human Empire, but the petitions soon fell through. Thus, the elves began the war on the humans to retake what was rightfully theirs.  Whenever humans are in the forest, they are to be cautious, for the elves could hide in the trees like chameleons, or so rumour had it.  One soldier in particular, James, had a different view.

He was commander of the 175th battalion, and his forces were to travel along the path in the forest until they reached the Elven stronghold.  Little did James know the 175th were the only humans alive.  They were also clueless to the fact that they were surrounded by elves on all sides.

James continued along this path until he could see a clearing ahead.  He turned to speak to his soldiers, and didn’t realize his men were in such a poor condition.  The soldiers had been walking now for three days, without food or water, and were so close to desperation that James was all that kept them alive.  In their iron armor, the soldiers stood out in the dark forest, and James was afraid the soldiers would fall unless they had a chance to rest and recuperate.

“There’s a clearing ahead.  We’ll stop there for as long as we can spare, and then head towards the enemy stronghold.”  As James made this announcement, he saw the faces of every soldier brighten.  Suddenly they gained a boost in morale, which would be short-lived.  The 175th proudly sprinted to the clearing, and stopped as they beheld a look of horror.

The clearing led to a direct view of the stronghold, and no chance for rest.  The stronghold was covered in vines, tree bark, and rocks.  The 175th could do nothing but stare at the elven stronghold, surprised and amazed that it was still standing strong.

“Okay men, we need to keep moving.  If we stay here for too long, we’ll—“ James began speaking before he heard a shriek from a soldier behind him.  Turning around, he saw what he feared most: an Elven battalion was surrounding his men, with archers aiming from behind the stronghold walls.  The 175th was completely surrounded.

“If you surrender to us, Humans, we will spare you.  If you do not, we will have no choice but to shoot,” the Elven soldier in front of James said as the soldiers around him flinched, but kept their weapons steady.

James wasn’t sure there was any choice as to what he had to do.  He could surrender, but if he did he wouldn’t see his family or friends again.  If he fought here, he wouldn’t live past the next few minutes, but he would take down as many elves as he could.

“We’ll never surrender to you, even if it means we’ll die!”

James drew his long sword, but before he could make a move, every soldier in the 175th had been barraged by arrows.  The soldiers fell, and the elves looked smug, as a large green flag appeared on the screen with “VICTORY” in bold, white letters above it.

“See! I told you I would win, James.”  A small, green haired boy by the name of Jake said to his friend, James, who he just beat in the game.

“You always win, Jake.  You don’t have to brag about it.  It’s just a game.”  James, red-haired and jealous, said to his friend.

The two boys, both nine years old, had been going on and on about this game and who would win since they first bought it.  The game “The Elven Chronicles” was acclaimed as one of the top fifty role-playing games in the country.  A game where one or more players create a character(s) and play them throughout the game; enhance the characters with extra experience, more advanced items, etc. as you progress in the game.

Considering it “just a game” was an insult to many people because of the popularity of this amazing game.  That group included Jake, who stared at James as if he had his biggest secret announced in public.

“IT’S JUST A GAME?! Never!”

James only rolled his eyes and left the room, knowing his friend would one day realize it truly was just a game and nothing more.

“You’ll see some day, James, that it’s more than just a game.  You’ll see,”  Jake sighed and started the game again, this time on single player mode.

If you can help out, i’m sure any assistance would be appreciated!

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

Hurley here… They don’t know that I have taken over the blog for the evening while they recover from their mini-break.

I am on a mission tonight!

My family has this campaign going on some site called Indiegogo and I overheard them say that it is down to the last 5 days! I don’t think that they are going to make their goal of $30,000, but I want to help them make it to at least $1,000.

So I am asking for your help!

We have only 5 days to come up with about $3oo to make it to $1,000. I am asking each of  you to reach into your pocket

and share just a little.

Go to the website now and just drop a few bones for the plantation.

If they make more than $1,000, I’ll be your friend for life!

It goes to help fix up those three…

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